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We’re not African-inspired, made elsewhere. We’re African; in, by and for Africa.

M A N D I N K A . S T Y L E understands the importance of buying from African artisans to circulate wealth in our communities. We wanted to create a brand in the market, that highlights our culture and the spirit of our people.

We’re the trendsetters, the tastemakers, the architects of culture. The story of Africa, of black people, of Africans, has too often been mistold.
M A N D I N K A . S T Y L E shares our story, our way: locally sourced crafts and garments, from native people, birthed by the African continent and steeped in tradition. By employing local people in Africa, M A N D I N K A . S T Y L E helps them create a sustainable, independent lifestyle for themselves and their families.


We are a small company investing in Africa’s growth and cultural affinity using responsible practices.
M A N D I N K A . S T Y L E believes in the agency of hardworking African artisans, producers, and export agents – that they hold the keys to their own personal success.

M A N D I N K A . S T Y L E works toward the possibility of a sustainable network (promoting fair trade as the standard in commercial exchanges) between Africa and the world: providing fair payment to workers in developing nations, educating workers to increase their potential for advancement, developing products and processes that protect and conserve the natural environment. We model high integrity, acting in the best interests of our artisans and tribe members.

For us, the exchange of African goods is an intimate process. From raw materials to prints to finished goods,
M A N D I N K A . S T Y L E is thoughtful about how a design will be used and where it will be worn. Each of these pieces are made by hand, shepherded to completion by local craftspeople and family owned businesses in Africa.



M A N D I N K A . S T Y L E maintains accountability through constant contact with artisans, our shoppers, and partnered organizations.

 These important meeting sessions allow us to:

  • confirm that payments are being received and properly allocated to individual artisans

  • discuss problems, implementation of new designs and strategies for future development

  • conduct training sessions with export agents, team leaders and artisans to further streamline operations, increase production capacity and reduce errors emphasize our ongoing commitment to each artisan's or group's success

We are the sons and daughters of Africa. Our heart will forever beat to the sounds of her drums.